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ARCHIVED: configuration bits so that we can move to new buildbot
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Kamil Páral committed 2 years ago

This is kept around for archival purposes only.


You need to have infra-ansible symlink to infra ansible directory (mine is currently at
c1732f8c2d00c). This can be cloned with:

  git clone https://infrastructure.fedoraproject.org/infra/ansible.git infra-ansible

And then create the symlink:

  ln -s /path/to/infra-ansible infra_ansible

You'll need to install some packages to make ansible work from the start:

# dnf install python2 python-unversioned-command

The inventory file and perhaps some role config files have been adjusted to deploy to a machine
called bm29.local. There are some other changes that have been made just to make stuff work locally.
We'll eventually have to do a merge into the actual infra repo but that's a problem for another day.

You can then deploy it like:
$ ansible-playbook taskotron.yml
$ ansible-playbook taskotron-client-hosts.yml

You can test triggering a job like:

$ ./trigger-job.py bm29.local

Everything has been tested with buildbot 1.7.0 as currently in F29 stable.