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Create disk images for Taskotron minions (VMs)
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# Triggering builds

Use the `trigger_build/trigger_build.py` to trigger new builds of images in ImageFactory.
ImageFactory's base-url needs to be configured in the code for now (defaults to localhost:8075).

Example usage:
    trigger_build/trigger_build.py build --version 23
    trigger_build/trigger_build.py build --version 23 --flavor minimal --arch x86_64

The command now only supports `minimal` flavor, support for more will come

# Searching for the built images

Once built via `trigger_build`, you can search for the latest image of a specified version/flavor/arch,
using the `get_latest_image/get_latest_image.py`
Before the bug in ImageFactory preventing direct download of an image is fixed, the tool just returns
the ImageFactory's URL pointing to the right image

Example usage:
    get_latest_image/get_latest_image.py get --version 23
    get_latest_image/get_latest_image.py get --version 23 --flavor minimal --arch x86_64