Releases 15

If the developers have uploaded one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

Overview of changes: * Updated JAT version range for shellfu-bash-jat-0.1.* * Minor cleanup and refactoring * Updated MKit to v0.0.50
Overview of changes: * Fix CLEANSER__GENERATOR conflict by using -c option
Overview of changes: * shellfu-bash-cleanse is now used for stray output
Overview of changes: * Bumped versioned seps to pull in shellfu-sh-coerce fix * Updated MKit to v0.0.39 * Moved to newer branch naming scheme with 'latest' instead of 'last'
Overview of changes: * Updated jat__pstart?() syntax * Removed obsolete workaround for bz1171881
Overview of changes: * preupg__assert() won't "leak" matched string Until now, conditions in preupg__assert() could cause the matched content be "leaked" to stdout. This should no longer happen.
Overview of changes: * Revamped stray output check Test results now won't be invalidated when this fails. * Added workaround for samba issue (pam=R113)
Overview of changes: * Added a dummy package for some jats-preupgrade-assistant-el6toel7 tests * Updated Shellfu version requirement
Overview of changes: * Fixed typo in dependency name
Overview of changes: * preupg__run1() will now use to remove control chars Recent Shellfu brings new module to its base library * Removed accidental dependency on jattool-tdk
Overview of changes: * Made upath name reading a bit more resillient against bad packaging
Overview of changes: * Fixed bad usage of jat__fail()
Overview of changes: * Fixed several grep calls to avoid ambiguities * Fixed minor phase misuse * Added functions for result submission * Updated URL after moving to * Updated MKit to v0.0.36
Overview of changes: * Hide preupg-content-creator questions * Relaxed shellfu-bash-jat version range preupg and jat don't need to go hand-in-hand, so this is more of a burden than advantage. Especially when jat is still in the stage when it needs to move fast. * Codebase manitenance