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16 days ago 4138385
rpkg-util-2.3-1 Commits: rpkg-util-2.2-1..HEAD
- tar >= 1.28 condition no longer needed as we dropped --exclude-vcs-ignores - instead of tar --exclude-vcs-ignores, get the exclude list by git check-ignore - fix rpkg srpm completion - switch to git_dir_* macros - fix no tagname given for rpkg tag -d - fix for new pyrpkg - improve git_archive logging info - print help if no command is given - add comments to the example config file in man pages - fix name suffixing for git_cwd and git_dir macros on top-level dir - follow redirects when downloading sources - add __pycache__ into .gitignore - zero umask before creating /tmp/rpkg, ad. #4a4311a - add log info about path being packed into git_pack - return back python2 support - create /tmp/rpkg as writeable by all with sticky bit set - explicitly mention needed version of git and tar in the spec file - #8 rpkg error when EDITOR="gvim -f"
3 months ago 4276253
rpkg-util-2.2-1 Commits: rpkg-util-2.1-1..HEAD
- python3 migration - fix pack_sources script for (sym)linked paths - fix test dependancy on a parent git repo existance
4 months ago 2d94185
rpkg-util-2.1-1 Commits: rpkg-util-2.0-1..HEAD
- filter GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set in tests
4 months ago c808725
rpkg-util-2.0-1 Commits: rpkg-util-2.rc2-1..HEAD
- slight update in man pages - fix copr build - arch param renamed to target + fix tests - allow --with/--without/--arch for srpm generation
4 months ago ba83e44
rpkg-util-2.rc2-1 Commits: rpkg-util-2.rc1-1..HEAD
- implement --with/--without for local, install, prep, compile - add --follow-tags for push - fix Git protocol Url parsing for ns_module_name - fix not to install tests dir
4 months ago 5b6e04f
rpkg-util-2.rc1-1 Commits: rpkg-util-1.0-1..HEAD
- set follow to rc1 - limit renderred commits in tag changelog to path - invert (fix) logic git_changelog's since_tag and until_tag for non-existentent tags - move ~/.config/rpkg to ~/.config/rpkg.conf
4 months ago 9d48ae0
rpkg-util-1.0-1 Commits: HEAD
- spec templates basic impl - basic command set pretty much determined - project tagging implemented - examples and man pages - rename of package wrapper to rpkg-util - provide features to manage .spec enriched git projects
10 months ago 6a4363f
rpkg-client-0.12-1 version bump
10 months ago bb8422d
rpkg-client-0.11-1 New release
10 months ago be81f1b
rpkg-client-0.10-1 new release
10 months ago c8def81
rpkg-client-0.9-1 New release
a year ago 41b2049
rpkg-client-0.8-1 Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.8-1] in directory [./].
a year ago 7b56399
rpkg-client-0.7-1 Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.7-1] in directory [./].
a year ago 6b07983
rpkg-client-0.6-1 Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.6-1] in directory [./].
a year ago afe6d2c
rpkg-client-0.5-1 Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.5-1] in directory [./].
a year ago 7374955
rpkg-client-0.4-1 Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.4-1] in directory [./].
a year ago 7ede958
rpkg-client-0.3-1 Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.3-1] in directory [./].
a year ago 7f73bf3
rpkg-client-0.2-1 Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.2-1] in directory [./].
a year ago 044f0a8
rpkg-0.2-1 Tagging package [rpkg] version [0.2-1] in directory [./].