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Commits: 537a18ab6caac978885a509c76c11d269f30ccb1..58eee1228997c87360fd2bf1eb2985352823003d • 20 days ago
- fix version check in git_pack - rpm-git-tag-sort is also required during build for tests - add man pages for rpkg-macros, redirect there from MACRO REFERENCE in man rpkg - fix parameter order for rpm-git-tag-sort in git_merged_tag_refs - fix version parsing from the latest tag, package name may contain dashes! - implement support for multiple Sources at once - use rpm-git-tag-sort for tag sorting & filtering in git_merged_tag_refs submodules - fix git_head for detached head state - in git_bumped_version, lead must be numeric and greater than zero to output follow as zero + small code tweak in git_version_generic - remove now unused git_bumped_release, set "" as default for lead in git_bumped_version - make lead="" the only special case, otherwise lead is lead - unify code and params for git_release and git_version - code cleanup
- fix for the latest pyrpkg extra_args addition
- kojiconfig parameter was renamed to kojiprofile in pyrpkg #ff235770 • a month ago
Commits: 8db13836e07d90055725aa5c4f8da004b78ad558..537a18ab6caac978885a509c76c11d269f30ccb1 • 7 months ago
- remove shebangs in library files according to Fedora review - changes according to review - usage of %%{_prefix} in spec, g-w for pack_sources - use git-core on Fedoras
Commits: 8ec068bc3e2b9f0d97477f9f2a524b68a8b0ce5e..8db13836e07d90055725aa5c4f8da004b78ad558 • 7 months ago
- fix warning about unset git indetity in test_submodule_sources - skip test for submodule_sources on epel6 - add missing sleep in tests, add TODO - fix changelog renderring for legacy git as there is no points-at option - resolve problem in git_pack and submodules for epel7
Commits: 45dfc329c90bd18ea1fc134e5c43b876d80ebbd2..8ec068bc3e2b9f0d97477f9f2a524b68a8b0ce5e • 7 months ago
- fix bug on centos7 bash in is_physical_subpath function
Commits: e7f156145e6a8a9d6470d6b3f81a32dcb9ee8582 • 7 months ago
- use cmd_repr helper to properly render the executed command - strip starting and ending whitespaces if any - change to working email - pass now required path to git_vcs macro in spec file - source env before sourcing anything else - fix spec files after CACHE to OUTPUT rename - fix rpkg-util spec files - build fix for rhel6 - provide man pages statically and add - add some explanation for tags matching - allow multiple lines inside {{{}}}, fix expression for quoted strings so that the closest quote is matched - add missing BRs - move preproc and rpkg macro defs into separate packages
- initial release
- remove dependency on python3-configparser
- [macros] update examples - [macros] move patch check in git_setup_macro to correct place - man page update - and we also need rpm-build - another missing dep on python-pycurl - add missing dep on rpm-python - add missing deps on GitPython - [macros] resetting IFS for the subprocess seems to be needed for bash 4.2.46 - [macros] do render version suffices on VERSION/RELEASE bump - 3.0 prototype/sketch - [macros] fix tests - [macros] add git_archive retval handling into git_pack - [macros] fixes related to querying and prevent output of just \n from queries - [macros] remove requirement to have clean work (sub)tree for git_archive - [macros] fix git_vcs invocation this time for macros subpackage - [preproc] pass now required path to git_vcs macro in spec file - [macros] reenable running tests in spec - [macros] remove no longer used file - [macros] remove unneded part of the condition for adding dirty flag - [macros] restrict git_archive again not to be able to archive dirty path - [macros] change order of merged tags to DESC by time - [macros] fix tests - [macros] fix git_version - [macros] use basename instead of --short for symbolic-ref due to compatibility, use --revs-only for rev-parse - [macros] path prefix can be empty - [macros] make querying explicit in the main git functions - [macros] source env before sourcing anything else - [macros] add non-empty path check, strip trailing slashes from treeish in git_vcs - [macros] use process substitution and read to record returned values verbatim in query_output - [macros] filter errors when no remote is set - [macros] we want use echo in query_output because command substitution eats a new line - [macros] first check if path is a directory before anything else - [macros] use string comparison for lead in git_bumped_version to allow non- numeric leads - [macros] move the bumped_release/version to helpers - [macros] move git_bumped_release and version to helpers section - fix spec files after CACHE to OUTPUT rename - pass INPUT_DIR_PATH to preproc - [macros] fix naming for encode_decimal -> rename to utils_encode_decimal - [macros] rename CACHE array to OUTPUT and QUERY_CACHE to QUERY_OUTPUT - [macros] split non-git related helper functions and vars to separate files, INPUT_DIR_PATH will be passed by rpkg - [macros] do not print bootstrap errors, at the same time check if git repo in each macro - fix rpkg-util spec files - [macros] we want to cache output of git_archive in git_pack as well - [macros] fix regular expression to check if git version < 1.8 - [macros] fix line continuations - [macros] switch from aliases back to functions, aliases simply don't work in scripts - [macros] optimize the exclude filter in git_pack - [macros] fix file exclusion for git_pack - [macros] actually output the dirty appendix - [macros] changes according to - [macros] no input param for git_latest_ctime - [macros] fix sorting of tags for legacy git - [macros] using "$*" makes more sense when using that as array index - [macros] we need to only render "-dirty" flag if the repo is overall dirty - [macros] improve generated source names - [macros] return 1 from everywhere, replace exits with normal returns - [macros] make the macro outputs consistent even if another process is interfering - [macros] fix git_pack to exclude untracked files - [macros] fix derivation of lead in git_version with specified lead - [macros] fix follow derivation in git_version - [macros] fix git_version, we cannot filter tags by $name-$lead at the moment - [macros] fix path_to_name_prefix and path_to_name_suffix - [macros] introduce git_toplevel alias - [macros] convert functions to aliases, rename __cached to cache, add input checks - [macros] change function order, add back reading cache for base functions - [macros] rename git_tree_name to git_tree_ref - [macros] make it possible to set empty lead= for git_version*, filter tags also by lead**, return lost git_bumped_version, refactor code - [macros] try to get branch remote url in git_vcs first before getting origin url - [macros] refactor out the base functionality and provide current git_x macros as git_repo_x macros, fix caching, fix get_tree_name and rename it to git_tree_name - [macros] for relevant defaults, try to use cached, otherwise invoke the key - [macros] add explicit defaults for git_dir and git_cwd functions - [macros] remove no longer needed name= param for git_pack and git_archive - [macros] fix params declaration for get_tree_name - [macros] fix test invocation in spec file - [macros] use git describe to determine source names - use correct file naming for bash files in tests - improve error logging in tests - improve git check-ignore support check in git_pack - add git_release tests - add bumped_release test - add git_release - [util] basic cmdline test framework added - [macros] add /bin to tests path, on rhel6 /usr/bin is not alias to /bin - [preproc] build fix for rhel6 - [macros] provide proxy git script for legacy gits without -C, fix varcaps - [preproc] provide man pages statically and add - [preproc] add some explanation for tags matching - [preproc] allow multiple lines inside {{{}}}, fix expression for quoted strings so that the closest quote is matched - [util] fix rpkg.macros sourcing - [macros] exporting SCRIPTDIR in git.bash is not needed - [util] add missing BR - [util] add missing BR - [preproc] add missing BRs - [macros] add missing BR - install pack_sources into /bin/, enable macros tests in spec file - update .gitignore with .pytest_cache - fix tests - regenerate tests with tweaked logging - move preproc and rpkg macro defs into separate packages - fix problem with changes in dynamic values after ./ copy
- be more specific about auto-packing deprecation - fix encoding issues on python2 with POSIX locale set - fix invalid arguments to setopt on EPEL
- EPEL6 fixes - resolve SafeConfigParser deprecation warning - EPEL fixes, old git + python related issues - remove unneded format for tag sorting
- fix pg#13: print out more information when lookaside cache is missing - fix verrel command
- tar >= 1.28 condition no longer needed as we dropped --exclude-vcs-ignores - instead of tar --exclude-vcs-ignores, get the exclude list by git check-ignore - fix rpkg srpm completion - switch to git_dir_* macros - fix no tagname given for rpkg tag -d - fix for new pyrpkg - improve git_archive logging info - print help if no command is given - add comments to the example config file in man pages - fix name suffixing for git_cwd and git_dir macros on top-level dir - follow redirects when downloading sources - add __pycache__ into .gitignore - zero umask before creating /tmp/rpkg, ad. #4a4311a - add log info about path being packed into git_pack - return back python2 support - create /tmp/rpkg as writeable by all with sticky bit set - explicitly mention needed version of git and tar in the spec file - #8 rpkg error when EDITOR="gvim -f"
- python3 migration - fix pack_sources script for (sym)linked paths - fix test dependancy on a parent git repo existance
- filter GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set in tests
- slight update in man pages - fix copr build - arch param renamed to target + fix tests - allow --with/--without/--arch for srpm generation
- implement --with/--without for local, install, prep, compile - add --follow-tags for push - fix Git protocol Url parsing for ns_module_name - fix not to install tests dir
- set follow to rc1 - limit renderred commits in tag changelog to path - invert (fix) logic git_changelog's since_tag and until_tag for non-existentent tags - move ~/.config/rpkg to ~/.config/rpkg.conf
- spec templates basic impl - basic command set pretty much determined - project tagging implemented - examples and man pages - rename of package wrapper to rpkg-util - provide features to manage .spec enriched git projects
Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.8-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago
Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.7-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago
Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.6-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago
Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.5-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago
Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.4-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago
Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.3-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago
Tagging package [rpkg-client] version [0.2-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago
Tagging package [rpkg] version [0.2-1] in directory [./]. • 3 years ago