#9952 F35 Change: Fedora Kinoite
Closed: Fixed 8 months ago by humaton. Opened a year ago by siosm.


  • Describe the issue

For Fedora 35, we (the KDE SIG) would like to introduce Fedora Kinoite as an official emerging edition. It is based on the same technologies and build process as Fedora Silverblue. The configuration is also included and maintained in the workstation-ostree-config repo.

This is an issue related to the change request to discuss any potential blocker regarding building this variant by releng alongside Silverblue.

  • When do you need this?

For the Fedora 35 release if the change is accepted. If not, for a later release.

  • When is this no longer needed or useful?


  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

Delay until Fedora 36.

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a year ago

Releng needs to review the PR's for workstation-ostree-config, pungi-fedora, kickstarts and others. Thanks for filing the ticket.

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a year ago

Kinoite is composing as part of F35 closing this.

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8 months ago

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