#8601 Packages that fail to build SRPM are not reported during the mass rebuild bugzillas
Opened 10 months ago by churchyard. Modified 7 months ago

See for example: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1739634

The package cannot create SRPM:

$ fedpkg srpm 

error: Bad source: .../python-chm/pychm- No such file or directory
Could not execute srpm: Failed to execute command.

And hence it was not rebuilt since Fedora 29:


But no FTBFS bug was reported.

Yeah, this is because koji doesn't even send the 'start' fedmsg until after this, so there's not an indication a build was attempted.

Perhaps we could add in another set of messages there before/after srpm creation?

not sure how else to detect them. ;(

Well we do attempt to build them, so a check after the mass rebuild for packages we never heard back from would do.

Not entirely the same failure but it seems tcl wasn't bumped at all.

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