#8462 F31 system-wide change: glibc 2.30
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by mohanboddu. Opened 2 years ago by fweimer.

Please check the impact of the proposed change.

@fweimer RelEng acks the change and we will include it in as part of F31 mass rebuild and we will keep the communication open for any changes that needs to be done.

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2 years ago

@fweimer Status Check: Next Tue, that is July 23rd 2019 is F31 mass rebuild. Please make sure everything is ready for it.

Please let us know if there is something blocking your change in advance.


We are not yet ready. We are affected by what appears to be a kernel-headers bug.

Unfortunately, we had some process issues on the glibc side, too, and therefore I cannot say with confidence that we are good once the buildroot is fixed.

@fweimer So, do you have any estimate when it will be fixed? And do you want it to take it to FESCo for change in mass rebuild date?

The kernel-headers bug has been fixed. I have asked whether glibc is ready, and I have received some positive feedback. However, rev /etc/passwd is still broken. I think this is actually a util-linux bug, distinct from swbz#24677.

I hope to have some clarity within about 14 hours.

My proper upstream patch was not reviewed and ack'ed in time.

I'm in the processes of backing out the offending upstream commit in rawhide. See #1732406.

@fweimer Thanks for the update, we will use glibc-2.29.9000-34.fc31 for mass rebuild.

@fweimer does this mean the glibc 2.30 change will be deferred to F32 (or canceled in favor of the next glibc release)?

@bcotton, I think that means that @fweimer just reverted offending commit instead of applying his fix. Basically 2.29.9000 is pre-2.30, so I think it will be included.

Florian, correct me if I'm wrong.

@ignatenkobrain ah! I missed the '9000' part and just focused on the '2.29'. Thanks

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2 years ago

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