#8461 Changes/Stop Building i686 kernels
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago by kevin. Opened 4 years ago by jforbes.

The change is to stop building the i686 kernels, and produce kernel-headers packages only. This will not impact the build of any other package as i686, but will mean no more bootable images. This will require changes to the releng deliverables, in that i686 bootable images should no longer be deliverables.

Change page for review: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Stop_Building_i686_Kernels
Owner: @jforbes

@jforbes RelEng acks the change and we will change our configs to remove the i686 deliverables, but, when do we expect this change going to land?

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4 years ago

This can happen fairly quickly after FESCo approves it in rawhide. We broke out kernel-headers to a separate package a while go.

As this has been approved, we can turn off the i686 build in rawhide as soon as rel-eng tells us that you are ready. Please let me know when the configs have been changed.

Looks like it was merged, does this mean I can turn off the kernel builds now?

@jforbes Yes, from the rel-eng point, I think it's all sorted at this moment.

We will see what all is broken in tomorrows compose. ;)

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4 years ago

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