#7213 Tracker for packages tagged into f27 atomic tags
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For background see: new koji tags for atomic host ticket

This is a tracker for packages tagged into thef27-atomic-host-installer and f27-atomic-host-overrides tags.

Currently tagged packages are


  • anaconda-27.20.4-6.fc27
  • pykickstart-2.41-2.fc27
  • fedora-logos-28.0.2-1.fc27
  • fedora-productimg-atomic-27-2.fc27
  • rpm-ostree-2018.4-1.fc27
  • ostree-2018.3-2.fc27



The description will get updated over time and the comments will serve as a changelog.

Added anaconda-27.20.4-5.fc27 and pykickstart-2.41-2.fc27 to f27-atomic-host-installer tag for https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/401

anaconda-27.20.4-5.fc27 -> anaconda-27.20.4-6.fc27 - to fix problem with previous version. See https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/anaconda/c/07d5f3e8d70ab82d4a4b68b6a085338ba3aab09d?branch=f27

added fedora-logos-28.0.2-1.fc27 and fedora-productimg-atomic-27-2.fc27 to the f27-atomic-host-installer tag to address https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/385

$ koji tag-build f27-atomic-host-installer fedora-logos-28.0.2-1.fc27 fedora-productimg-atomic-27-2.fc27

added rpm-ostree-2018.4-1.fc27 and ostree-2018.3-2.fc27 with disabled http2 so that we should be able to stop seeing errors during install now that http2 is re-enabled on our proxies.

$ koji tag-build f27-atomic-host-installer rpm-ostree-2018.4-1.fc27 ostree-2018.3-2.fc27

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3 years ago

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