#7110 libtomcrypt missing from Koji f27 buildroot?
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by syeghiay. Opened 3 years ago by bowlofeggs.


I've discovered that Bodhi doesn't build in F27 as of recently, as libtomcrypt doesn't seem to be available in the buildroot:

- nothing provides libtomcrypt.so.0()(64bit) needed by python2-crypto-2.6.1-17.fc27.s390x

I reported this to the libtomcrypt maintainer, who pointed out that it seems to be tagged correctly. I then realized that I was able to install it in an f27 container as well:

$ sudo docker run --rm registry.fedoraproject.org/fedora:27 dnf install python2-crypto -y

Is there maybe something wrong with the f27 buildroot that causes this issue?

Run koji wait-repo f27-build --build python-crypto-2.6.1-19.fc27 and once it finishes with success you should be able to build bodhi.

libtomcrypt has been pushed to stable, but one of dependencies (python-crypto) was broken.

Actually, there is override for libtomcrypt but there is no override for python-crypto. But solution is same.

@mohanboddu believes this to be fixed. Will verify and if so, close it.

This issue is resolved and retired. Closing this ticket.

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2 years ago

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