#6890 Changes/The GNU C Library version 2.26
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All Fedora releases must be released using a released version of glibc. The Fedora glibc team is responsible for ensuring that Fedora Rawhide stabilizes ABI before a Fedora release, or that after the branch that the Fedora release is rebased (a very small rebase) to the final released version. This is a requirement for Fedora to inherit the ABI and API guarantees provided by upstream. If a mass rebuild is required by glibc or other components, the Fedora glibc team will ensure coordination with release engineering such that a mass rebuild uses the released version of glibc to fix any last minute ABI changes.

The GNU C Library (glibc) does not require a mass rebuild for this release.

Change page for review: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/GLIBC226
Owner: Carlos O'Donell

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Thanks for the info and atm there is no releng work needed since there is no mass rebuild for this glibc version.

Please let us know if anything changes and we need to do a mass rebuild.


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