#6020 If Workstation tree is being dropped, please do same with Cloud
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Based on yesterday's FESCo meeting, the plan is for Fedora Workstation composes to be refactored such that there is not a separate Workstation tree, but that top-level directory on the mirrors will just contain the live ISOs in various architectures.

I still think just rm'ing the netinst images from those trees is the lowest-impact workaround, but if this is what we are doing, Cloud should match because the exact same situation applies.

So, please drop everything but the Images subdirectory from the Cloud tree.

Thank you!

The cloud install tree is needed to install the cloud images. its not possible to drop them. fro f22 it will not be possible for the Workstation install tree to not exist also.

It seems like there are a number of reasonable ways this could be done both now and in F22.

The tree that's used for making the cloud images can be discarded; it doesn't need to be shipped to mirrors (as long as the repo information inside the image points at "everything", of course).

It is also possible to have a single tree but to use Anacond's product.img feature to differentiate. This can contain different branded images and python code which changes defaults appropriately for each product. In fact, we will likely need that whether we have combined or separate trees.

But let's worry about getting F21 in good shape now and then make a plan for F22 after.

Workstation has an install tree in f22, we have put the cloud install tree onto /pub/alt so it is not as visible.

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