#3565 Please Tag libproxy-0.3.1-4.fc13 for F-13 Beta - default install of libproxy modules
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I request libproxy-0.3.1-4.fc13 to be tagged as F-13 Beta.
This is the last update before the ABI change of the 0.4.0 version that has already appeared in F-14.

Here is the Changelog between 0.2.3 and 0.3.1:

On a side note, installing libproxy on a default desktop install of F-13 Alpha will, lead to have:

With this package, the default will lead to have:
And that will be all, as all unneeded dependencies have been dropped as described in:

Once that said, it would be more valuable to have libproxy-gnome installed as soon as the gnome desktop is selected on install. (1)
Upstream advice is to use Rpm's 'Suggests' instead of 'Requires', as requires would imply some circle dependencies.
But we don't use Suggests much if possible. So I think it would be better handled by comps for now.

Same for:
libproxy-kde and KDE desktop

libproxy-mozjs and firefox

libproxy-webkit and WebKit-gtk

libproxy-networkmanager and NetworkManager

Adds a logical libproxy module support for F-13 in comps

I'm personally ok with the comps modifications (ie "just do it"), though I think adding anything to f13-beta is a bit late at this point.

Given that, there's not much else to do on rel-eng side, so I'll close this.

(If you'd prefer someone else to do the comps commit, I'd suggest asking onlist (-devel?) instead).

I need to tag libmodman-2.0.1-1.fc14.1 to be tagged as buildroot override to build a libproxy update. (that may need libproxy to be bootstraped in buildroot override also).

Then I need to have the comps groups fixed. (I miss to see where to commit them with the dist-git changes). That will be needed for f15 at least.
There is a little change with f15 case as the xulrunner and webkit modules will be built with another project.

what exactly needs tagged where? you mention a f14 build and f15

closing as there has been no feedback on whats actually needed

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