#11974 Unable to set bootstrap macro for f41 sidetags
Closed: Fixed a month ago by jnsamyak. Opened 2 months ago by sentry.

related to #11254

f41-build appears to lack sidetag_rpm_macros_allowed: '_with_bootstrap' while f40-build and f39-build have it.

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2 months ago

https://pagure.io/releng/blob/main/f/scripts/branching/make-koji-release-tags is where they are set on branching, needs changing there.

I modified the f41-build tag manually now. Keepting this open for @jnsamyak to add to that script.

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2 months ago

Thanks @kevin for this; I'll create a PR for this today against this issue, and will close this then in case I forget;

One quick question tho, did you edit the tag using CLI? Can you also show me how?

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2 months ago

I think this PR[1] will help us close the ticket and it can be used for the new release

[1] https://pagure.io/releng/pull-request/11993

CC: @humaton @kevin

The PR is merged and the issue is addressed!

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a month ago

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