#11993 Add kiwi tag/target/group & add bootstrap macro for future f{release}-build sidetags
Merged 2 months ago by kevin. Opened 2 months ago by jnsamyak.
jnsamyak/releng boostrap_sidetag  into  main

@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ 

  "${KOJICLI}" add-tag "f${release}-atomic-host-overrides"

  "${KOJICLI}" edit-tag -x tag2distrepo.enabled=true -x tag2distrepo.keys=47dd8ef9  "f${release}-infra"

  "${KOJICLI}" edit-tag -x tag2distrepo.enabled=true -x tag2distrepo.keys=47dd8ef9  "f${release}-infra-stg"

- "${KOJICLI}" edit-tag --perm=admin "f${release}-build"

+ "${KOJICLI}" edit-tag -x sidetag_rpm_macros_allowed='_with_bootstrap'

  "${KOJICLI}" edit-tag --perm=fedora-override "f${release}-override"

  "${KOJICLI}" edit-tag --perm=admin "f${release}-updates"

  "${KOJICLI}" edit-tag --perm=admin "f${release}-updates-testing"
@@ -218,3 +218,12 @@ 

  "${KOJICLI}" add-tag-inheritance eln "f${release}"

  "${KOJICLI}" remove-tag-inheritance eln-build "f${old_release}-build"

  "${KOJICLI}" add-tag-inheritance eln-build "f${release}-build" --priority 5


+ # Targets for kiwi image builds to use their own tag/target in order to set mock to use old chroot

+ koji add-tag --parent "f${release}-compose" --arches="x86_64 aarch64 ppc64le s390x" "f${release}-kiwi-build"

+ koji edit-tag --perm=admin "f${release}-kiwi-build"

+ koji edit-tag -x mock.new_chroot=0 f${release}-kiwi-build

+ koji add-target "f${release}-kiwi" "f${release}-kiwi-build" "f${release}"

+ # We don't need group as it should be cloned from future release tags

+ # koji add-group f${release} kiwi-build

+ # koji add-group-pkg f${release} kiwi-build kiwi-cli kiwi-systemdeps 

\ No newline at end of file

we don't want to restrict this to admins, so drop '--perm=admin'

(unrelated, we need to also add dnf5... ie, mock.package_manager=dnf5 f40, but that could be another pr... or I guess added in here too. ;)

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2 months ago

Noted, so for dnf5 other changes, I'll work on another PR for having a separate prs

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  • Add kiwi tag/target/group to make-koji-release-tags for branching
2 months ago

I addressed issue #12004 as a separate commit in the same PR.


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2 months ago

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