#11922 Untag containers-common-0.57.1-6.fc40
Opened 5 months ago by adamwill. Modified 5 months ago

  • Describe the issue
    @dwalsh did two builds of containers-common in rapid succession, -6.fc40 and -7.fc40. Unfortunately it seems -7.fc40 made it to stable first, then -6.fc40 got tagged over it, so -6.fc40 is the "current" build. Please untag -6.fc40 so we get -7.fc40 as intended.

  • When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)

  • When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)
    When there's another build of it, I guess.

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?
    A broken build will be in Rawhide.

Mon Jan 29 19:16:18 2024 containers-common-0.57.1-7.fc40 tagged into f40 by bodhi [still active]
Mon Jan 29 19:49:13 2024 containers-common-0.57.1-6.fc40 tagged into f40 by bodhi [still active]

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5 months ago

Done and we should run the check script.

        ceph-18.2.1-7.fc40 < ceph-18.2.1-8.fc40
        cura-fdm-materials-5.4.0-2.fc40 < cura-fdm-materials-5.6.0-3.fc40
        firewalld-2.1.0-3.fc40 < firewalld-2.1.1-1.fc40
        golang-github-nats-io-jwt-1.2.2-4.fc40 < golang-github-nats-io-jwt-1.2.2-6.fc38
        golang-google-grpc-1.48.0-1.fc40 < golang-google-grpc-1.48.0-9.fc39
        java-11-openjdk-portable- < java-11-openjdk-portable-
        java-17-openjdk-portable- < java-17-openjdk-portable-
        ocaml-react-1.2.2-8.fc40 < ocaml-react-1.2.2-9.fc40
        patool-1.12-0.27.20231014gitab64562.fc40 < patool-1.12-22.fc39
        python-gbinder-1.1.2-1.fc40 < python-gbinder-1.1.2-4.fc40
        python-kubernetes-26.1.0-5.fc40 < python-kubernetes-29.0.0-1.fc40
        python-lunr-0.6.2-6.fc39 < python-lunr-0.7.0.post1-3.fc40
        python-mizani-0.9.3-3.fc40 < python-mizani-0.10.0-2.fc40
        python-pyunicorn-0.7.0~a1-5.20230730gitmaster.fc40 < python-pyunicorn-0.7.0a1-1.20230730gitmaster.fc40
        python-pywlroots-0.16.4-3.fc40 < python-pywlroots-0.16.6-1.fc40
        subversion-api-docs-1.14.2-3.fc39 < subversion-api-docs-1.14.3-1.fc40
        vim-devicons-0.11.0-0.20221001git71f239a.13.fc40 < vim-devicons-0.11.0-10.20200509gitd12c9b4.fc39

java seems ok due to the way it's building. python-pyunicorn seems... fixing a mistake?
vim-devicons seeems... wrong?

  • ceph: seems to be a mass rebuild conflict. ceph-18.2.1-7.fc40 seems to be the mass rebuild build, ceph-18.2.1-8.fc40 was a rebuild for libarrow today
  • cura-fdm-materials: was intentional, per this commit...should really have had an epoch bump I guess, but we can probably let it slide
  • firewalld: seems to be another mass rebuild conflict, like ceph
  • golang-github-nats-io-jwt: was bumped to 2.4.1 last june then reverted in september. that definitely should have had an epoch bump, or something
  • golang-google-grpc - similar story, was bumped to 1.58.0 then reverted to 1.48.0
  • ocaml-react - another mass rebuild casualty
  • patool - was converted to autorelease then bumped to a git commit. autorelease is treating it as a pre-release snapshot and versioning appropriately, maintainer would need to fix this by telling autorelease it's a post-release snapshot (and possibly doing more to cue it, in that case) or bumping the version if it really is intended as a pre-release snapshot of the next version
  • python-gbinder - another mass rebuild casualty
  • python-kubernetes - and another
  • python-lunr - I don't think this should be in the output at all? according to list-history, python-lunr-0.7.0.post1-3.fc40 is indeed the most recently tagged build, and koji wait-repo f40-build --build=python-lunr-0.7.0.post1-3.fc40 returns immediately
  • python-mizani - was bumped to 0.10.0 and then reverted last september
  • python-pyunicorn - this was a versioning correction, but unfortunately the incorrect version evaluates higher than the correct one
  • python-pywlroots - another case of a version downgrade
  • subversion-api-docs - again this looks like a script error, per list-history and wait-repo, subversion-api-docs-1.14.3-1.fc40 is the current version
  • vim-devicons - similar to patools, was converted to autorelease, resulting in a version lower than the previous (incorrect, per the policy) manual one

koji untag-pkg f40 ceph-18.2.1-7.fc40 firewalld-2.1.0-3.fc40 ocaml-react-1.2.2-8.fc40 python-gbinder-1.1.2-1.fc40 python-kubernetes-26.1.0-5.fc40

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5 months ago

cura-fdm-materials: was intentional, per this commit...should really have had an epoch bump I guess, but we can probably let it slide

My understanding was that this has never reached a compose, hence epoch bump was not required (similarly to when we untag builds).

The 5.6.0 build from the mass rebuild was never insatllable hence no "users will not update to the newer but lower-version build" problem exists here. It was a result of provenpackager pushing something broken (but actually buildable) to disgit and walking away. The mass rebuild built it and I reverted it. I see no need for an epoch.

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