#33573 New Branch "epel7" for "rpms/perl-Net-NBName"
Closed: Invalid 3 months ago by limb. Opened 3 months ago by eseyman.

 "action": "new_branch",
 "branch": "epel7",
 "namespace": "rpms",
 "repo": "perl-Net-NBName",
 "create_git_branch": true

The branch in PDC already exists, you can now create it yourself as follows:
Check in the project's settings if you have activated the git hook preventingnew git branches from being created and if you did, de-activate it.
Then simply run in cloned repository: git checkout -b <branch_name> && git push -u origin <branch_name>.
<branch_name> is the name of the branch you requested.
You only need to do this once and you can then use fedpkg as you normally do.

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3 months ago

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