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A ticket queue for Fedora SCM admin requests |
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A ticket queue for dist-git requests and a repository for Bugzilla assignee overrides

/!\ IMPORTANT the ticket opened in this project are processed automatically by a tool. If the processing of the ticket failed, open a ticket at: as commenting on/replying to a ticket here will most likely not been seen by anyone.

Tickets For "dist-git" Requests

All tickets must be submitted using either fedpkg request-repo or fedpkg request-branch. This allows other tooling to programmatically process tickets in a format it expects.

Bugzilla Assignee Overrides

This repo used to offer the possibility to set bugzilla assignee overrides in forms of YAML file added to the git repo. This functionality has now been integrated into dist-git itself. If you visit the page of the package on you will see on the left hand side column a place where the bugzilla assignee are mentionned. If you are allowed to, there will also be an "Edit" button allowing you to changes them (and thus overriding their default value).

The value provided should specify the FAS username or FAS group (groups are signified by starting with a "@").

Anitya setting

This repo used to offer the possibility to set the Anitya settings for a package, however this functionality has been moved to the overview page of the package on dist-git: