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A fedmsg listener that triggers pungi runs in response to module metadata changes
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Lubos Kocman committed 7 years ago


A tiny fedmsg listener that listens for changes to module metadata in dist-git and runs pungi commands to rebuild them in response.

Testing locally

Pre-requisites (just for local development, not for production):

$ sudo dnf install fedmsg-relay
$ sudo systemctl start fedmsg-relay

Edit /etc/fedmsg.d/base.py and ensure that environment is set to 'stg':

$ sudo vim /etc/fedmsg.d/base.py
$ fedmsg-config --query environment

Now, in one terminal start pungi-trigger.py:

$ ./pungi-trigger.py

And, in another.. you can fake a git push message with this command:

$ fedmsg-dg-replay --msg-id 2016-a5e6bdc4-b019-44ca-b1cf-ae57ce1ce643 --datagrepper-url https://apps.stg.fedoraproject.org/datagrepper/