Releases 3

If the developers have uploaded one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

Commits: 1b65d184f12c42227cd817aa2a3cfb743534563b..cd9594cd674ef58729779821feecb7812ae81e21 • 2 months ago
- no change, just a new tag
Commits: 866fa4e0a7dbd5197900ae57bd1637345a6d893f..1b65d184f12c42227cd817aa2a3cfb743534563b • 2 months ago
- update description in spec
- odd support for macros that produce files (git_archive/git_pack) - replace --in-space with --output - add note about the need to trust the spec files that are being preprocessed - initial commit