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pre-accepted-review packaging stuff for phabricator and its tools
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Phabricator Dist

These are specfiles for Phabricator, a collection of open source web applications that help companies build better software.

As there are no traditional releases upstream, the packages have been written for git snapshots from stable.

We've been using these packages for over two years now and haven't had any major problems with stability.

Built Packages

Packages are available in COPR;

$ dnf copr enable kanarip/phabricator


# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ # wget

Another set of repositories is available from the Kolab build system:

Packaging TODO

I'd like to start the process of getting these packages into the main Fedora repositories and possibly EPEL. The major tasks left before that can happen are:

  • remove bundled libraries and replace them with packaged deps
  • package any missing deps for Fedora
  • rename and move the binaries for phabricator (symlinks in /usr/share/phabricator at the moment)
  • figure out how to handle the wordlist dep (license is not OK for Fedora)

I've started some packaging notes and more detailed TODO in fedora-packaging-notes