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A bridge script connecting pagure ticket trackers to discourse conversations
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Matthew Miller committed a year ago

This is a script that:

  1. listens to the Fedora Message bus for new Pagure tickets in configured repositories, then

  2. creates a new topic for discussion of that ticket on Fedora Discussion, and then

  3. posts a link to that discussion back to the Pagure ticket.

It does not, currently, do any further updating. For example, it could post ticket comments to the Discourse discussion (either as the bot user or as actually the user who posted). And it could keep track of the open / closed state of the ticket and mark the conversations closed or solved.

Enhancements that make it do this stuff would be welcome!

Also, as currently implemented, it takes time to do stuff. It's not made to keep up with a bunch of tickets coming in at once. That should be handled by making this spawn multiple listeners — via Toddlers or my knative idea.

Other features:

  • For teams that do want to allow discussion in the ticket, two-way comment sync would be nice.

  • Extend to work with GitLab and Github too — that way we can bring more conversations to a central place.