#4779 Update README to make docker-compose commands clearer
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The last two steps in the README at https://github.com/Pagure/pagure#docker-compose states

Once all the containers are built, run the following command to start the containers.

$ docker-compose -f dev/docker-compose.yml up

Once all the containers have started, you can access pagure on http://localhost:5000. To stop the containers, press Ctrl+C.

To populate the container with test data and create a new account, run

$ docker-compose -f dev/docker-compose.yml exec web python dev-data.py --all

You can then login with any of the created users, by example: - username: pingou - password: testing123

These statements are somewhat ambiguous, when I tried following these steps for the first time

  1. It mentions to stop the containers before the last command, so I thought the two commands are independent.
  2. There can be clarity added saying that the last step is an add-on to the first step, since exec needs running containers to apply the changes, which is what I found out after reading the docs for docker-compose exec https://docs.docker.com/compose/reference/exec/

In addition, in the section as follows

Once installed, create the folder that will receive the projects, forks, docs, requests and tickets' git repo. Run this command exactly as it appears:

$ mkdir -p lcl/{repos,remotes,attachments,releases}

It's not clear that this command needs to run from within the cloned git repo folder, making the final 4 folders as pagure/lcl/{repos,remotes,attachments,releases}

Perhaps there needs to be some rephrasing in the README to address these issues

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