#3892 RFE : allowing to enable/disable features like "issue tracker" through API
Closed: Fixed a year ago Opened 2 years ago by arrfab.

Actually, the only way to enable/disable "issue tracker/tickets" on project[s] is :
* system-wide in pagure.cfg => all projects are affected in one shot
* per project but enabled by default if allowed in pagure.cfg

So there is way to do that "manually" through each project (settings / Project Options / Active issue tracker) but not through API.
That would be good to let someone, either at creation time or even modify step, to enable/disable those features through API , when having to create a bunch of projects in one shot (think about a migration for example)

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2 years ago

@pingou I have a couple of questions:

  • Should this go in /pagure/api/project.py or /pagure/api/issue.py?
  • Is it fine if I add a new route just for toggling the issue tracker, or are we looking to enable / disable any other "features" as mentioned in the PR title?

@akanksham this should probably go to the pagure/api/project.py.

I think we may want to have a new endpoint to modify the project settings, so I would make the route generic even if at first it will only allow to enable/disable the issue tracker

@akanksham are you still interested in working on this ticket?

Sorry @akanksham, I'm going to assign this one to myself :)

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a year ago

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