#899 Need to define ticket policy
Opened 3 years ago by ignatenkobrain. Modified 3 years ago

For exmaple, https://pagure.io/packaging-committee/issue/889 is staying in queue for a month and nothing is happening. We need to do something similar what FESCo did. If ticket gets +3, then after week is automatically approved. Or something like that.

We could actually do this at least for exception requests.

Because new guidelines sometimes take a long time to think trough.

We talked about this at multiple meetings:


and again at


  • #899 Need to define ticket policy (geppetto, 16:06:58)
  • ACTION: geppetto to find when we discussed this before and comment
    with link to the meeting minutes etc. (geppetto, 16:11:59)
  • ACTION: Try to get a ticket list that doesn't use meeting as a tag,
    so we don't miss tickets. (geppetto, 16:12:20)

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