#889 (RE-)Bootstrap Exception for erlang-rebar3
Closed: accepted 2 years ago by ignatenkobrain. Opened 3 years ago by fnux.

I'd like to rebootstrap the erlang-rebar3 package, which has been bootstraped a few months ago. I have trouble to build upstream revision 3.7.x from our 3.6.2 fedora package, and was only able to make it work by rebootstrapping. I (and the erlang SIG) lack the time and/or knowledge to fix this issue as is, hence the rebootrapping request.


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3 years ago

I don't think we need to have a meeting about this. I would just approve this. I think we need to create policy like FESCo has.

I agree with the need for a policy that makes tickets like this faster. But we should make sure that if a discussion is still going on, it doesn't get autoapproved.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

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