Finds and executes 'tasks' in a given directory based on a fnmatch-pattern.

To find and run all executable `py` and `php` scripts in `/path/to/stuff`:

taskfinder.py --patterns '*.py' '*.php' `/path/to/stuff`

To find and run all `py` and `php` files in `/path/to/stuff`:

taskfinder.py --patterns '*.py' '*.php' -e /path/to/stuff

To search the `/path/to/stuff` recursively for `py` and `php` files:

taskfinder.py --patterns '*.py' '*.php' -r /path/to/stuff

## Help

usage: taskfinder.py [-h] --patterns PATTERN [PATTERN ...] [-r] [-e] taskdir

Finds files matching the set of given patterns, ignoring non-executable ones.

positional arguments:
  taskdir               Directory with task(s) to run

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --patterns PATTERN [PATTERN ...]
                        List of fnmatch patterns for task files
  -r, --recursive       Search taskdir recursively
  -e, --execute_all     Executes matching files even if they miss -x bit