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RPM macros and helper scripts for Node.js packaging
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How to update Node.js in Fedora

Determine the Node.js version

Monitor the Node.js Blog to be notified of available updates.

For simplicity and copy-and-paste of instructions below, set some variables here:


Clone the Fedora package repository

These steps assume that you are a comaintainer of Node.js or a provenpackager in Fedora.

fedpkg clone nodejs nodejs-fedora

Next, switch to the major version branch you are going to update. We'll use Node.js 12.9.0 in this document. Adjust the versions appropriately for the version you are working on.

pushd nodejs-fedora
fedpkg switch-branch $NODEJS_MAJOR

Clone the Fedora Module repository

fedpkg clone modules/nodejs nodejs-fedora-module

Clone the upstream Node.js repository

git clone -o upstream git:// nodejs-upstream

Rebase the Fedora patches atop the latest release

pushd nodejs-upstream
git checkout -b fedora-v$NODEJS_VERSION v$NODEJS_VERSION
git am -3 ../nodejs-fedora/*.patch

If the patches do not apply cleanly, resolve the merges appropriately. Once they have all been applied, output them again:

git format-patch -M --patience --full-index -o ../nodejs-fedora v$NODEJS_VERSION..HEAD

Update the Node.js tarball and specfile

pushd nodejs-fedora

Note that this command will also output all of the versions for the software bundled with Node.js. You will need to edit nodejs.spec and update the %global values near the top of that file to include the appropriate values matching the dependencies. Make sure to also update the Node.js versions too!

Note that if libuv is updated, you need to ensure that the libuv in each buildroot is of a sufficient version. If not, you may need to update that package first and submit a buildroot override.

Update the RPM spec %changelog appropriately.

(Preferred) Perform a scratch-build on at least one architecture

fedpkg scratch-build [--arches x86_64] --srpm

Verify that it built successfully.

Push the changes up to Fedora

fedpkg commit -cs
fedpkg push

(Optional) Build for Fedora releases

If this major version is the default for one or more Fedora releases, build it for them. (Note: this step will go away in the future, once module default streams are available in the non-modular buildroot.)

In the case of Node.js 12.x, this is the default version for Fedora 31 and 32.

pushd nodejs-fedora
fedpkg switch-branch [master|31]
git merge $NODEJS_MAJOR
fedpkg push
fedpkg build

Build module stream

pushd nodejs-fedora-module
fedpkg switch-branch $NODEJS_MAJOR

If the module has changed any package dependencies (such as added a dep on a new shared library), you may need to modify nodejs.yaml here. If not, you can simply run:

git commit --allow-empty -sm "Update to $NODEJS_VERSION"
fedpkg push
fedpkg module-build

Submit built packages to Bodhi

Follow the usual processes for stable/branched releases to submit builds for testing.