NGINX container with VTS module

This container offers NGINX configured with the VTS module with Prometheus metrics. This container is available in Fedora and CentOS Stream variants.

Running this container

As of right now, this container is set up largely as a stock nginx deployment with the VTS module installed and configured in both Fedora and CentOS Stream 8 variants.

The steps to build and run the container are quite simple, with Fedora and CentOS Stream 8 variants below:

Running the Fedora-based container

$ podman build -t nginx-vts-fedora -f Containerfile.fedora
$ podman run --rm -p 8080:80 -p 19110:9110 nginx-vts-fedora

Running the CentOS Stream 8-based container

$ podman build -t nginx-vts-el8 -f Containerfile.el8
$ podman run --rm -p 8080:80 -p 19110:9110 nginx-vts-el8

Accessing the Prometheus metrics for NGINX

To access the Prometheus metrics, just go to localhost:19110/metrics to see them.