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  Install livecd-tools and spin-kickstarts.  There are different kickstart scripts available in the spin-kickstarts package and you can try out different desktop enviroments as you wish. 


-     dnf install livecd-tools spin-kickstarts

+     sudo dnf install livecd-tools spin-kickstarts


+ You may need to [configure sudo access](https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_OpenStack_Platform/2/html/Getting_Started_Guide/ch02s03.html) to install files.


  ## Clone the NeuroScripts

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      git clone ssh://git@pagure.io/neuro-sig/neuro-scripts.git


+ You may need to install git, and [install a ssh key](https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/first_steps.html) at Pagure for this to work.


+ 	sudo dnf install git-all


  ## Build an ISO


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  %include fedora-live-minimization.ks

  %include fedora-lxde-neuro-packages.ks


+ selinux --disabled



  # LXDE and LXDM configuration


Add instructions for newbies like me.

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