This repo contain scripts related FedoraNeuro SPIN which maintain by NeuroFedora SIG.


Install livecd-tools and spin-kickstarts. There are different kickstart scripts available in the spin-kickstarts package and you can try out different desktop enviroments as you wish.

sudo dnf install livecd-tools spin-kickstarts

You may need to configure sudo access to install files.

Clone the NeuroScripts

Clone the NeuroScripts repo.

git clone ssh://

You may need to install git, and install a ssh key at Pagure for this to work.

sudo dnf install git-all

Build an ISO

Once you have cloned the repo, you can find following files:


Now we can build the initial ISO of FedoraNeuro.

Set SELinux in permissive mode if your system in Enforcing mode.

[danishka@localhost ~]$ getenforce 
[danishka@localhost ~]$ sudo setenforce 0
[danishka@localhost ~]$ getenforce 

Open the terminal run the following command.

sudo livecd-creator --verbose --config=fedora-live-workstation.ks --fslabel=Fedora-30-Neuro-0.1.0 --cache=cache --tmpdir=tmp

Make sure to use cache directory as you don't need to download all packages each time when you create the ISO.

You can find 1.7 GB of F30-Neuron-0.1.0.iso once the completion of build processing using initial script.

-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 1.7G Aug 14 16:57 Fedora-30-Neuro-0.1.0.iso

Add/Remove packages

Open fedora-workstation-common.ks or fedora-live-base and you can add or remove required packages. For example you can remove lxde-office packages and add LibreOffice by changing the script.

Add/Remove group of packages


Add/Remove single of package

Or else you can remove midori and add Firefox -midori firefox

Add Packages related Fedora Neuro

As listed in fedora-neuro.ks file you can add your packages.

Managing Repositories

Build ISO on Fedora 30 which is the current release.

Edit the fedora-repo.ks file and make sure following entry is available in the file.

%include fedora-repo-not-rawhide.ks

Build ISO on Rawhide.

Edit the fedora-repo.ks file and make sure following entry is available in the file.

%include fedora-repo-rawhide.ks

You have freedom to manage repository URLs within the fedora-repo-not-rawhide.ks file. For example, you can add your local repository as well.