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  # neuro-scripts


  This repo contain scripts related FedoraNeuro SPIN which maintain by [NeuroFedora SIG](https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/NeuroFedora).




- # Preperation

+ # Preparation


  Install livecd-tools and spin-kickstarts.  There are different kickstart scripts available in the spin-kickstarts package and you can try out different desktop enviroments as you wish. 

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  ## Clone the NeuroScripts


- Clone` the [NeuroScripts](https://pagure.io/neuro-sig/neuro-scripts) repo.

+ Clone the [NeuroScripts](https://pagure.io/neuro-sig/neuro-scripts) repo.


      git clone ssh://git@pagure.io/neuro-sig/neuro-scripts.git



  ## Build an ISO


- Once you cloned the repo you can find following files.

+ Once you have cloned the repo, you can find following files:




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