#539 Simulation tools comps group: change to "default"?
Closed: Fixed a year ago by gui1ty. Opened a year ago by ankursinha.

Following up from this thread about comps:


I expect we want the packages in the group to be "default" then, so that folks can install all the packages at once using dnf groupinstall ...

More info on comps here:


This was discussed in the meeting on 2023-02-13. We agreed that marking packages as default makes sense here (+3, -0, 0).

@gui1ty was kind enough to volunteer to make the update

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a year ago

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@ankursinha Seems to be an easy fix. Should this be applied to all currently supported releases or only the upcoming ones (f38, f39)?

I think we can apply it to all releases if that isn't too much trouble?

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