#493 Adding Fedora badges to GitHub repos
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I've recently noticed that there is a Fedora badge that can be used in GitHub readme files to show what version of a software is available in the Fedora repositories:


The markdown code is:

[![Fedora package](https://img.shields.io/fedora/v/nest?logo=fedora)](https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/nest)

One can go to shields.io to generate these for any package in markdown or rst (or other formats).

So, when we package something from GitHub, it'll be good to open pull requests to show that it is now available in Fedora. That'll increase visibility.

I've also just e-mailed the -devel list about this:

What do people think of this?

(If it's a good idea, we can think about adding this to @vanessa_kris 's outreachy task list. it's a simple enough task, and good git practice too)

Thanks @ankursinha! It is good to know Fedora badges.

I will generate badges for some of packages I maintain.

Just a note. For Python packages, use the name of the rpm, not the source rpm. So python3-xx instead of python-xx.

For consistency, let us:

  • override the label to "Fedora Linux"
  • override the colour to "blue"
  • override the named logo to "fedora"

So it'll come out something like this:

![Fedora package](https://img.shields.io/fedora/v/python3-libNeuroML?color=blue&label=Fedora%20Linux&logo=fedora)

If you've seen the discussion on the -devel list, you'll see that we can also use repology packages but I have a couple of minor concerns with them that I've also noted in the thread. So for a start, I think we can stick to shields.io badges and upstream can modify them to use repology if they wish.

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