#479 Package myst-parser - An extended commonmark compliant parser, with bridges to docutils/sphinx
Opened 7 months ago by major. Modified 7 months ago

MyST is a flavor of markdown that is designed for simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility. This repository serves as the reference implementation of MyST Markdown, as well as a collection of tools to support working with MyST in Python and Sphinx. It contains an extended CommonMark-compliant parser using markdown-it-py, as well as a Sphinx extension that allows you to write MyST Markdown in Sphinx.

Needed for updating the snakemake package to v6.10.0. It is a very easy tool to package, so if any of the Outreachy candidates are interested in packaging it (mock-packaging in case you do not have the packager permissions), do let us know here, and we can assign you the ticket :smile:

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