#421 Use pluto instead of venus for planets?
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venus seems to be unmaintained now.


Suggestion for fix

Move to pluto?


Any one want to take this on? Move us to pluto? It'll require migrating the templates and testing out the new deployment.

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@major will be looking into Venus, while I look into Pluto, and we will coordinate about what we find about the systems to determine migration possibility.

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2 years ago

Update this morning from @nerdsville on Telegram:

@sanjay_ankur hi, I tried out the published pluto setup that @MeWjOr set up... and there are a couple possible problems that I see so far (not with the work he did, with pluto itself). First, their gem appears to be broken without manually installing dependencies... this isn't the end of the world. But when I actually got things building, I noticed that it only seems to show about a week worth of data (is that expected?). Additionally, the relative dates are static to the date at which they are compiled (there isn't any javascript to update them, so they say for example 3 hours ago even if the article is several weeks old). (That can probably be resolved by just compiling daily)

If none of those are actually issues, we can go ahead and start work at migrating templates. Their appears to be a good guide on how to build out the templates.

Finally, I will not be able to be at today's meeting unfortunately.

Also, if you'd like to see what it looks like for yourself @sanjay_ankur ... the easiest and quickest way is to look at the build folder that @MeWjOr uploaded at https://github.com/Aniket-Pradhan/planet-neuroscientists... otherwise you could gem install pluto and gem install rss, and then run pluto build planet.ini

Pull request for adding "neuroscience" theme is here:


It also has some other changes... I tried to make the commits meaningful, and also put a description in the PR

Let me know if you want me to extract this into more PR's @ankursinha @major

The PR was AMAZING. Thanks a lot, @nerdsville for helping us out.

@ankursinha I guess the planet should be ready to be ported. Could you help us with how we can configure the Neuroplanet bot to build the site?

Furthermore, I was thinking maybe we could explore and use Github actions/pages to host it? Although, I am unsure if we could host it to a different domain from Github directly.

[EDIT]: From this, I am guessing we can do it. Seems like another fun task to do, lol. Let us know if you can do it, otherwise, I am always happy to help out :D

That's awesome, I'll go update both the planets now. The bot isn't really a bot---it's just a new account. From what I know, GitHub actions cannot be used to run regular tasks---they can only be triggered on commits. So I have a cron job here that updates the planet and commits to our repos in the docs folder, and this docs folder is served using GitHub pages.

I think that's simple enough---it just needs a cron job somewhere, and I can continue to run it on my machine here.

I've updated both planets now, and I'll go update my cron job too. Thanks @major @nerdsville for getting this over the line :)

PS: looks like pluto doesn't let one download the RSS feed of the planet or a blogroll like venus did, but that's not a very commonly used function I'd think?

If you think any other tweaks can be made either to the templates or the feeds etc., please feel free to open PRs on the GH repos. I'll close this ticket now:



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