#384 Set up "identity" subpackage in Fedora release for comp-neuro spin
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by ankursinha. Opened 2 years ago by ankursinha.


From Matt's e-mail:

In F33+ The fedora-release package has "identity" subpackages which set
VARIANT and VARIANT_ID in /etc/os-release. Many of the popular desktop spins
have these, but not all do, and some of our newer spins are missing.

If this is set, the DNF "countme" metric tool will report the variant in
use, and I can report that back to you -- and eventually have
publically-available automatic reports.

Of course, many special-purpose spins shouldn't be measured solely by user
count, but it's always a nice baseline number to have.

Please work with Release Engineering to get an identity subpackage for your


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