#371 Package numba
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- Issue marked as blocking: #334

2 years ago

Can I take it up for packaging?

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- Issue tagged with: S: Waiting on upstream

a year ago

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- Issue assigned to ankursinha

8 months ago

Looks like it doesn't support 3.10 yet :crying_cat_face:

Even their git, on the master branch, doesn't do 3.10 yet:


I bumped up the max_python version and ran into compilation errors. I'll look into them later to see if we can submit patches etc.

Looks like Python 3.9 support took four months after Python 3.9 was released.

Upstream is starting a little earlier for Python 3.10. Here is a work-in-progress PR for Python 3.10, and this says that the numba 0.55 RC is scheduled for early October, around the time Python 3.10 is released.

It’s going to be a challenge to line this package up with Python and Fedora release schedules.

Yeh, the error I'm getting could also be a python regression, so filed this in the meantime:


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