#341 Package python-autograd
Opened 9 months ago by ankursinha. Modified 5 months ago

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New software: python-autograd

Short description: Efficiently computes derivatives of numpy code.

Upstream URL:


Domain: Utilities

Additional information

Metadata Update from @ankursinha:
- Issue marked as blocking: #277

9 months ago

@gesora: sounds good, please e-mail me or ping me on the IRC, or comment here if you need to. Thanks :)

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- Issue untagged with: S: Needs packaging
- Issue assigned to gesora
- Issue tagged with: S: WIP

7 months ago

@gesora : how are you doing? Any updates here please?

@gesora : I'm going to remove you from this ticket for the moment so that someone else can take it up. Please let me know if you're working on it or not.

Metadata Update from @ankursinha:
- Assignee reset
- Issue untagged with: S: WIP
- Issue tagged with: S: Needs packaging

5 months ago

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