#332 Abstract submission to CNS*2020
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CNS*2020 submissions are now open: CNS 2020 Abstract Submission

The conference is from July 18-22 in Melbourne.

Since I'm on the Board, I will be attending the conference and am able to submit two abstracts, I will submit an abstract on our behalf. This year's abstract will focus on the Comp Neuro Lab image, the F32 version of which should release before the conference on Tue 2020-04-21 (see: Fedora 32 Schedule: All)

I'll send a draft around for feedback when I've written it up. Abstract submission closes on March 4th. The full conference calendar is here: CNS 2020 Calendar

Draft sent to everyone who contributed.

I finished reading the abstract and think it is great! Its very thoughtful and succinct. The one and only sentence fragment that I had a reservation about was the "often non-computing". I wonder if often -> sometimes would be more inclusive?

Other than that, I found the abstract very readable and welcoming.

+1, I'll update that to "sometimes". Thanks! :)

New version sent out for second round of feedback.

Sorry, I did not get time earlier. I just went through the new version of the abstract and it looks great. +1 from me too :smile:

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