#330 Banner Image for the lab webpage.
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Need a cover image for the lab webpage for comp neuro.

An artistic image of a Neuron would look good, but if anyone has any other suggestions, please share them.

As an example, have a look at other labs, how their cover image turns to a header when opened.

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These first 5 links are better quality and CC0. The next 3 are not great. The last one is a link to few images.

Thanks very much @dan1mal

Here are my votes: (0: least preferred, 10: most preferred)

Hi @tatica ,this is the ticket I told you for a banner

If you have a time!


@dan1mal : should we give 3 selections to websites and let them choose the one that fits best as the banner? They'll also look at what fits the theme of the website and so on?

Does that sound OK?

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