#232 Blog post: week 16
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3 weeks from now?

Please comment with anything that needs to be included here!

Lots of updates:

  • python-nineml
  • python-dipy
  • python-pybids
  • python-brian2
  • python-pymatreader
  • python-pysb
  • python-libNeuroML
  • python-nilearn
  • python-efel
  • python-petlink
  • python-xnat
  • python-chaospy
  • python-nilearn
  • python-pynwb


pynwb work in progress! or you updated this package?


pynwb completed!


More updates:

  • python-pybids
  • python-efel

I'll write the blog today or tomorrow.

  • python-nilearn
  • python-hdfs

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