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Registration will soon open for CNS 2019 (https://www.cnsorg.org/cns-2019) I expect to submit abstracts for talks and posters for my research work, and I was thinking it'll be a good idea to also submit a poster introducing NeuroFedora.


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Agreed. @ankursinha will share abstract when he has a draft ready.

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Abstract has been submitted---all the current co-authors should've received a notificantion from Confmaster. The co-author list currently includes everyone that has done any work related to NeuroFedora.

We'll keep submitting these to other conferences too, so if you're not a co-author this time, you will be in the next one---no worries there :grinning:

We will know whether our submission was accepted on 10th April. They will notify everyone, and I will comment here too.

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