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Workshop about using restraint for test execution in supported Fedora CI environments
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Restraint is an alternative Beaker harness. Although it can be used also in non-Beaker environemnts. It is statically linked, so actually should be runnable quite easily without any large deps on the underlying system. It is a client/server architecture, restraintd runs on SUT, restraint-client on the host.

Anatomy standard-test-rhts role

standard-test-beakerlib role

What will we need

Install vagrant on your machine

Install docker on your machine

To install docker and be able to use docker as non-root

# dnf -y install docker
# groupadd docker
# usermod -a -G docker YOUR_USER
# systemctl restart docker
(relogin to get docker group or ssh in to your localhost or ...?)

Hackfest outline


Manual restraint execution

Let's try a reboot

Docker - manual execution

Atomic - manual execution


Restraint docs: rttps://

atomic: docker: fedora:latest classic: Feel free to use this vagrant: