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License scanning tool
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A license scanning tool in Python! (still in early development...)

Goal: Replace OSLC version 3. We want to accept the same license file inputs and produce the same (or at least similar) outputs.


  • Because its written in Java and I don't know how to Java.
  • Because it looks to be abandoned upstream.
  • Because it has a number of language parsers in it which will suffer from bitrot.

We want to be able to scan arbitrary text files: both casually licensed source files and formal copies of full license texts.

Run the test suite


$ sudo dnf install detox
$ detox

How you can help

  • If you know of a better (preferably python-based) tool out there, please stop me from working on this any more.
  • If you have a good example of some case you want this tool to cover, try adding a test to the real-world examples test suite and submit a PR with it.