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This is the place where you can try out modularity yourself!
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Playground to manage containers

This is a demo of using atomic and systemctl to manage docker containers.

If you are interested in trying out dnf prototype to manage modules, head over to this repository:


The environment consists of one docker container which "boots" systemd inside. In such environment you will be able to install and run containerized services.

You should start by building the image:

$ make build

Followed by running the image:

$ make run

Right now you should be inside the environment.

Installing container images

The current solution is using atomic to install the container image.

$ atomic install modularitycontainers/nginx

You can now manage containerized nginx using systemd:

$ systemctl start nginx-container
$ systemctl status nginx-container



Link to srpm:

The srpm is generated from spec file found in this git repo inside directory atomic/.