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Created 5 years ago
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Build the modularity website from source.
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Nils Philippsen committed 4 years ago

The Modularity Website Updater

This program pulls the source code of the Modularity documentation website, builds it using make and sphinx-build and pushes the generated web content to its doc repository on Pagure so users can read it online. Many of its settings are configurable (and some need to be configured) so in principle it can be used for any kind of generated web content that fits this model.

Operation as standalone CLI program and daemon

It can be run "one-off" from the command-line, doing its job once, or with the --messagebus option, which starts a daemon that listens on the Federated Message Bus in Fedora for messages that the source repository is updated, then does its thing.


The default configuration is defined in m8y_website_updater/ To adjust to your needs, you don't have to change that file but rather create a file in the current directory which holds just what's different from the default options.