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Local development environment for the Fedora Modularity build pipeline using OpenShift
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Modularity local dev environment

This repo contains OpenShift templates to deploy the whole Modularity build infrastructure in a local instance of OpenShift.

This project supports running on Fedora and Mac OS X.

Deploying OpenShift locally

Deploy OpenShift locally with a single command:

$ oc cluster up

And add the OpenShift templates by running:


You are now able to deploy all Modularity components in two variants:

  1. Release: Uses the latest build Docker image.
  2. Devel: Uses your local git repository and supports live preview without commiting your changes to the git repo.


You need to have docker running and the oc command installed.


$ sudo dnf -y install docker origin
$ sudo systemctl start docker
$ sudo oc cluster up

You will be prompted to configure a docker registry. The configuration file is in /etc/sysconfig/docker.

You will also need to run the following command to workaround some DNS issues:

$ sudo iptables -F

Mac OS X

Download and install Docker.

Download the oc command.

And run:

$ oc cluster up

You will be prompted to configure a docker registry. This can be done in the Docker settings UI which is available in your system tray.