#45 Clarify which kind of issues should be reported here
Closed: Fixed a year ago by nphilipp. Opened 2 years ago by till.

https://docs.pagure.org/modularity/prototype/boltron/issues.html says to report issues with boltron here but @mhatina wrote in https://pagure.io/modularity/issue/42#comment-451875 to not report dnf issues here.

Since I guess everything in the boltron release has also a seperate bugzilla components I would welcome a clarification on the issues page.

@till, merged PR #44 adds a doc note where to report DNF BZes. Please review Issue trackers doc page, whether it's ok with you and let's us know if we can close this issue.

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We've discussed this ticket in the WG meeting of today. The "Project Tracking" page in our docs refer to this tracker:

User feedback such as bugs and feature requests is being collected in a Modularity issue tracker.

Implied in this is that issues with specific related projects, e.g. DNF, the Module Build Service, etc., should be reported in their own trackers.

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