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Fedora Modularity

Fedora Modularity Logo

Fedora Modularity decouples the lifecycles of some applications and language runtimes from the distribution release, bringing multiple versions of software available in multiple Fedora releases.

This repository is primarilly the main Modularity issue tracker used for tracking user feedback and discussion topics for the Modularity Working Group Meeting.

Primary Resources

The following two links are all you need to remember in order to know everything about Modularity at both the present and the future.

  • Modularity Documentation — Learn about Fedora Modularity — the main source of documentation about the existing state.
  • Modularity Project Tracking — Track the work and progress of the project, and learn what's on the roadmap — the main source of information about the future state.

Additional Resources

These are additional places conveniently listed together — but also linked from appropriate places from the primary resources above. These resources are mostly useful for contributors to the projects.

  • Modularity logo — Logo assets in png and svg formats.
  • Presentation assets — Slide templates, graphics, and other resources useful if you're giving a talk about Fedora Modularity.
  • Working Documents — Working documents for Fedora Modularity that are being actively developed. Anything considered complete is moved to the Modularity Docs and deleted from this repository.
  • modulemd — The module definition file (modulemd) and a corresponding library for manipulating the file (libmodulemd).